Rotational Viscometer for QC Applications
Equipment Viscotester 3 – Rotational Viscometer Description Rotational Viscometer for QC Applications Brand Thermo Fisher

Viscotester 3 – Rotational Viscometer

Thermo Fisher

Perform viscosity measurements with ease! The self-explaining Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ Viscotester™ 3 rotational viscometer ensures quick, reliable tests for QC applications.

Everything about this instrument is designed for ease of use — its shape, weight, display, and more. Use it as a handheld viscometer or on a lab stand. Color coding ensures measuring geometries match the analysis, the display is readable in any lighting, and the viscometer remembers the reference point measurement for you. All that comes in a ready-to-go carrying case. It’s so easy to use…it’s just sheer genius.

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