Parallel Double Screw Extruder Process 11
Equipment Extruders Description Parallel Double Screw Extruder Process 11 Brand Thermo Fisher


Thermo Fisher

The Process 11 parallel twin screw extruder was designed with an easy-to-use touch screen incorporating feeder control and easy-to-dismantle parts. Its compact block design reduces the required laboratory space and makes it the ideal equipment for extractor hood applications. The body and spindle design is geometrically scaled in the entire range of Thermo Scientific extruders, allowing easy scaling of processes.

The parallel type twin screw extruder Process 11 has the following characteristics:
Use of minimized sample material (20 g) Performance range from 20 g / h to 2.5 kg / h Compact size desktop design easy to carry Segmented spindle design with removable upper body half Easy-to-use touch screen with feeder control Integrated design of the body and spindles geometrically scalable throughout the range

Recommended For

CompositionMachine mixturesNanocompositesSmall size decreases laboratory space requirements and lower consumption of ingredients reduces operator exposure and environmental pollution.

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