HAAKE ™ Rheomex QC Spindle Laboratory Extruders for the HAAKE ™ PolyLab ™ QC System
Equipment Extruders Description HAAKE ™ Rheomex QC Spindle Laboratory Extruders for the HAAKE ™ PolyLab ™ QC System Brand Thermo Fisher


Thermo Fisher

The laboratory extruders of a HAAKE ™ Rheomex QC spindle for the HAAKE ™ PolyLab ™ QC system are designed to analyze the rheological and processing characteristics of different materials. With just a small sample the user can simulate production processes and generate films or profiles for later testing.Most common single screw research
Extrudability of new materials
Manufacture of homogeneous mixturesManufacture of films, sheets, cords and profiles for optical, mechanical and exposure tests in the open air Measurement of rheological behavior (viscosity, elasticity) Checking of individual and combined influences of additives (stabilizers, lubricants) and functional additives (Antioxidants, UV stabilizers, pigments and fillers) Foam ExtrusionThe HAAKE Rheomex measuring extruder has the measurement, control and monitoring technology required for each application. It is a new concept that simplifies and guarantees your safety from the manual labor of the laboratory. Its features are: Mobile measuring sensors eliminate the need to manipulate heavy components and high temperatures. Integrated heating and cooling circuits reduce the number of physical connections and thus the risk of making connection errors. Control a number of peripheral units such as power and postextrusion, which improves reproducibility and facilitates documentation.

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