Measure particle size and shape with one unit
Equipment Analyser particles Description Measure particle size and shape with one unit Brand Bettersize

Analyser particles


Measure particle size and shape with one unit

Seamlessly combined laser diffraction and automated imaging into one system, Bettersizer S3 Plus can not only achieve a wide test range from 0.01 to 3500µm, but also provide reliable particle size distribution and particle shape information simultaneously. The combination of our innovative Dual lenses & oblique incidence optical system (DLOIS), auto refractive index measurement, and smart operation functions provide the most accurate, high-resolution, high sensitivity, excellence repeatability, cost-effective, and easy-to-use Bettersizer S3 Plus you can ever imagine possible.

Measurement: Particle size and particle shape
Particle size from 0.01µm to 3500µm
Particle shape from 4µm to 3500µm
Dispersion type: Wet
Technology: Laser diffraction + Automated Imaging
Auto Refractive Index measurement

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