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The development of the latest generation of Viscotester is due to the new demands of rheological tasks in the processes of quality control. With the HAAKE Viscotester iQ rheometer, we combine decades of rheology experience with solutions designed for highly dynamic work environments. Our goal is to enable fast, reliable and accurate rheological measurements with maximum ease of use. Now, with the HAAKE Viscotester iQ Air Rheometer, we make available the smallest commercially available pneumatic bearing oscillator. This rheometer can be used as a stand-alone portable unit or as a software-controlled part of your CC laboratory. Perfect for Industrial QC in: FoodCosmetics and Pharmaceutical IndustryMinimetry and ConstructionPetrochemistry IndividualPolymerSet your CCF needs to exchange between different measurement configurations for quick installation and operation. Wide range of geometries and measuring accessories to adapt your instrument Powerful and versatile EC engine for greater flexibility in one Wide variety of materials and measurements Self-supporting liquid or Peltier tempering modules for maximum flexibility Optional oscillation modeVarious operating modes: Autonomous with the new HAAKE Viscotester iQ RheoApp application, or fully controlled by software to meet your level of usability Intuitive The CC in your laboratory is more comfortableInnovative concept self-explanatory in the installation and manipulation for an error-proof operation Intelligent lifting function for an adju Ste, accurate and reproducible slot Measuring geometries designed for optimized handling and easy exchange Correct and accurate sample filling for parallel plates for maximum measurement accuracy IntelligentGuide your operators throughout every measurement challengePrint touch screen Visualization of numerical and graphical measurement results Intelligent user guide for measurement and evaluation procedures, selection of suitable jobs with indication of available measuring intervals “Connect Assist”, quick coupling of measurement geometries and temperature modules with perfect alignment, automatic recognition And feedback to optimize the “Temperature Assist” measurements, fast real sample temperature control based on a dynamic heat transfer model

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