Handheld Spectrometer for UV-Vis Measurements
Equipment Jaz – Spectrometers Description Handheld Spectrometer for UV-Vis Measurements Brand Ocean Insight

Jaz – Spectrometers

Ocean Insight

A basic Jaz includes the spectrometer module and onboard DPU. You may customize Jaz modules to include light sources, external battery and multiple spectrometer channels to optimize your setup for absorbance, reflectance and emission measurements.

Jaz Modules

Jaz incorporates a number of autonomous modules that share common networking and electronics. You can add up to eight modules for the most convenient multichannel analysis ever. Jaz spectrometers are robust for demanding environments and even temperatures of -10 °C to +55 °C.

The JAZ Series had been discontinued, instead we recommend you to check the new FLAME-T Series. If you own a JAZ spectrometer which requires any service (e.g. maintenance or calibration), please let us know.

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